9 Tips for Cleaning Up After Renovation

Cleaning up after renovation is a challenging task. To have our dream place in the desired form, efficient planning is needed. After the post-renovation service process is finished it is crucial to give attention to detail to ensure a debris and chemical-free place. The types of cleaning depend on what kind of redo procedure has taken place.

To make a renovated area safe and clean you need to follow specific guidelines and measures. To ensure an easy and secure cleaning process, the following 9 tips will help you in cleaning a newly renovated area. Let’s explore the tested and verified nine techniques to bring the same glorious look that we expect after renovation is done.

1. Let’s Get Started Safely

To start the cleaning process, make sure you have made yourself protected by wearing gloves, masks, and safety goggles. Renovation means the desired constructional alteration that includes a lot of debris, harmful chemicals, heaps of nails and other sharp objects, broken tiles or glass, etc. Cleaning begins with the collection and removal of these spilled objects and leftover materials. By not taking safety precautions they can be harmful and a way hazardous. So it is necessary to wear all the essential protective coverings and shields to save ourselves.

2. Removing Large Debris

The large debris needs to be removed first. The construction waste, wood scraps, packaging material, and other discarded construction materials along with the waste all need to be removed. Hiring the services of a dumpster would be a great help if needed.

3. Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning includes the cleaning of all surfaces from the surface of the floor to the surface of shelves and the ceiling. All the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and wiped properly. The renovation process leaves plenty of dust, stains of paint, and other broken materials. They all need to be removed with the best surface cleaners available in the market. To ensure detailed vacuuming, use electrostatic dusters that are meant to remove all the dirt and dust leaving even the corners and other small areas properly neat and clean. It’s worth noting that different types of cleaners are used on different types of materials. Using the same cleaners on all materials may damage the material’s color and shine.

4. Cleaning the Filers

The broken pieces of leftover material accumulate in air vents and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters. Cleaning the filters is crucial to improve the air quality. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced to ensure a healthy atmosphere.

5. Mopping

Mopping is an easy solution to make your floors clean and tidy. Mopping hard floors removes all kinds of dirt and grime. Using a suitable floor cleaner, and rinsing the mop carefully many times prevents the dirt from spreading around. A detailed mopping with an adequate floor cleaner would bring excellent results.

6. Cleaning of Carpets

If the area is carpeted, then a high-powered vacuum cleaner is needed. Moreover hiring the services of a reputable carpet cleaning agency would do all this cleaning stuff easily in no time. The dirt is deep-seated in carpets and in this case, steam cleaning can also be a good option to remove the embedded dirt and debris. Vacuum cleaning would entirely clean the carpet including baseboards and edges.

7. Cleaning of Windows

Cleaning of windows, glass doors, and mirrors with an effective glass cleaner is also necessary. Clean and shiny windows, mirrors, and spotless glass doors are a complement to house decor.

8. Cleaning of Fixtures

Fixture cleaning is another thing that needs to be done with due care. All the fixtures including electrical light fixtures, switches, and plumbing fixtures need to be cleaned. This includes faucets, showers, sinks, and more. To ensure they are in proper working order, the removal of all kinds of construction debris is a must-to-do activity.

9. Disinfect the Surfaces

Now it is the time to disinfect all the surfaces, handles, door knobs, and countertops to eliminate germs and prevent any bacteria. During renovation due to dirt and dust, germs and bacteria may accumulate on the surfaces that are in constant use by the workers and laborers. So the use of disinfectant sprays and wipes works here. Disinfectant liquid solutions are quite effective in killing bacteria and also provide super protection against germs.

Final Verdict

For the final check, one needs to inspect the whole renovated area for any incomplete work and cleaning requirements. This is a final inspection to catch any overlooked area that needs to be cleaned. When the renovated area is declared as fully cleaned and free of germs then it is recommended to start organizing the furniture or the things that you moved from that place. This post-renovation cleaning and replacement of furniture or other items is time-consuming but will enable you to enjoy the newly built or renovated area. Moreover, if the cleaning process is beyond your means, then hiring professional cleaning services would be highly beneficial.

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